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Men's Favorites

Our top 10 treatments for men!

Women's Favorites

Top 10 favorites for women!

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Instead of traditional methods like pills and creams, SG uses BioTE® bioidentical hormone pellets and inserts them right underneath the skin. This method slowly releases the exact amount of bioidentic... Show more

Body Sugaring

Remove any hair on your body with this treatment, less painful than traditional waxing!

Chemical Peels

A quick facial peel that gives your skin life, out with the old in with your new skin.

Dermal Filler

Give your face some well-needed life and plump up your lips with these dermal fillers!

Eyelash and Eyebrows

Give your best feature an extra boost with all these treatments! Find the best you for you!

Hair Reduction

Permanently remove hair from anywhere on your body. This treatment takes a few sessions but well worth it when you do not have to worry about shaving!


A unique 3 step facial that cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates. Give your skin a little TLC!


Give your face a needed boost with Botox or reduce fat deposits under the chin with a PC/DC!


Here are treatments that don't fall into a specific category! Check out the Bioslimming wrap to Spider Vein treatments!

Non-Surgical Skin Lesion Removal

Remove any benign moles or skin tags.

PDO Threads

Can be placed practically anywhere, you can lift and smooth out any skin!

Secret Facials

Microneedling gives your skin an extra boost of collagen and rejuvenation!

truSculpt 3D

Zap away any fat anywhere on your body! perfect for stubborn fat!

Vampire Procedures

By using your own healing properties, you can give your skin an extra boost of collagen directly from your blood!